We seem to live life as though we are going to live forever. Why? We inherently know that we will not, but we live as we do. Doesn’t that seem a bit crazy? Given all that we know, we seem to exhibit a strange sense of eternity – like 100 years is somehow an eternity? How does that make sense?

Most of us go about our days and never give a second thought about what matters most. Do we? we think about goals and plans and the future and marriage and work and relationships. However, what matters most? We rarely stop to think of these things, and when we do, it is usually at a funeral which we promptly, almost hypnotically seem to forget the moment we leave the cemetery. Moreover, even then, we are not thinking about what matters most – we ponder only if for a moment at our death, and then conveniently move on with our day and lives.

Many, no doubt, will review at the below list and think, “Yes. These are all significant issues.”

  • Climate Change
  • Gun Control
  • Privacy
  • Reproduction Rights & Abortion
  • Politics
  • Law
  • Economics
  • Trade
  • Social Justice
  • New Green Deal

Yes – these and many other subjects like these are important. They are, and they will always be, however. What matters in all these topics is the moral conditions of society; how each person is to be seen and treated with worth, value, dignity, and respect. We imagine a world that is free from judgments, stigma, stereotypes, preconceived conceptions, and instead filled with acceptance, love, satisfaction, abundance for all, equality for all regardless of belief (a topic I will take up in a later article), freedom, happiness, and forgiveness.

Yes – that would be a utopia, a dream come true, a rich and beautiful world. However, it cannot happen in this world – for excellent reasons. (This too, is a topic I will take up in another article.)

The Heart of Matter

What is the cause for the reason why we cannot live in a physical world of this type now? It is because we live in a world operated and occupied by a flawed people who do not want to admit a flawed nature. And not admitting a flawed nature, we look to ourselves for the answers. Once we realize we cannot do this, and begin to look to the exact reason for the ailments we suffer as a people, as a society, and a race (that is, the human race), then perhaps, we might afford ourselves the opportunity to harmoniously live together in a world that is so much better than we have ever thought possible before.

The real change then, is the change that happens individually, one person, one second, one hour, one day, one month, one year, one decade, and one lifetime at a time.

How do we do that?

Since this is the entire reason for this blog and podcast, please join us each week as we explore the things that matter most.

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